I still remember the day I was told that Nolan (our son) was most likely autistic.  I was still in the middle of my chemo and my heart felt like it was ripping apart.  Then…my life coach told me that Nolan was here to teach me something very important that I wouldn’t learn without his teaching:  How to live! 

WHAT IS AUTISM?  Autism is a neurological difference in how the brain is wired that presents itself in marked differences (and often difficulties) in language and social interaction and often the presence of atypical behaviors such as sensitivity to sounds/smells/lights, repetitive-stereotypic behaviours, and insistence on sameness and routines.

VACCINATIONS:  To vaccinate or not?  Unfortunately this topic tends to be a very touchy one.  It seems that many people are either for it…or against it.   I STRONGLY encourage you to educate yourself before you vaccinate your children so you are making an informed choice.   Had I known what I know now, I would have done things much differently.   Please take the time to watch the youtube trailer below:

The Greater Good (an amazing documentary that opened my eyes).


SCIMEDICA – Dr Cai is an amazing Naturopathic Doctor. Nolan and I both see her as she has so may different tools to help, and really knows her stuff.   She has been so helpful to my whole family.

Go to:

New Leaf Wellness & Massage – Dr Nicole Cerf is a DAN Doctor (Defeat Autism Now) that works in Abbotsford.   I would recommend her to anyone.

Check out:


Selema Noon – a great resource for ALL parents.   Check out her site:


Coleen Drobot: An amazing lady and counselor.  She has been so helpful for my husband and I.  She is part of the Neufeld Institute, previous teacher and mom of two children. 

Check her out:



The site below has many very healthy and very easy recipes that are oriented towards family. For each recipe, she gives a run-down on the ingredients and why they are good for you, and often compares to the ‘store-bought’ version.  Here is the link that takes you directly to the ‘kid-friendly snacks’ page:

Below are three other great sites for recipes:

Feel life:

Food Matters:

Wellness Mama:


Nolan is gluten, casein, dairy, egg, and sugar free.   WHOLE FOOD DIET.     “Dietary Intervention may be that one piece of “the puzzle” which helps a child with ASD toward the road for recovery.” This information is all on the GFCF Diet website.

Neurological Integration System  (NIS)

Neurological Integration System/NIS is based on the fundamental principle that the brain controls all bodily functions through its neurological circuitry.. When we exceed our individual tolerance to stress ( IE: hormonal, emotional, structural, physical, pathological and/or neurological) the signalling between the brain and the body become “disconnected” that can lead to a variety of symptoms that range from mild to severe.  NIS is a unique modality that works on a cellular level by finding and treating the root cause of your symptoms. During a NIS treatment the NIS Practitioner guides the brain to re-establish cell connections or “reconnect” the brain to the cells in question.

Claudette Varley, RN, BScN – Neurological Integration System Practitioner – She has been so helpful for our family. 

Check it out at:


Ingrid Ericson (Harmony Healing Centre)-  does biofeedback analysis: a natural health screening method used to obtain information from the body to determine the energetic level of intolerance to the given substance. No needles!! Wish I had know about her sooner!!! She can also help with anaphylaxis allergies like peanuts etc.    Check her out at:

I met Thomas in October of 2012 through Ingrid Ericson (Holistic Allergist).  She suggested I take Nolan to see Thomas, an amazing man that I would recommend to anyone.


Thomas Moore is an effective and clear Multidimensional Healer and Medical Intuitive. His skills and abilities to hear and see into the human body for root causes of symptoms continue to expand. He provides clarity to clients who are puzzled by symptoms that no one else is able to identify.   To learn more go to:


Just starting working with Erin (who lives in White Rock)  and I can tell you that Nolan is in love with her already.   We are so excited to have her as part of our team.

Erin Parr is an experienced Music Therapist who works with children with disabilities. With over ten years experience working with Autistic children, children with disabilities and babies/toddlers she has applied music therapy to a wide range with exciting results.   Check her out at:

The Starting Point for Children’s Health

The Starting Point, is a place where families can begin to take some of the most important steps in beginning to treat their children with autism. They can learn about why certain vitamins and minerals are so important or how special diets are helping a large majority of children. They can also learn of the many resources available to them including books, magazines, conferences and websites. Kerri is a great resource and does consultations in her home. Kerri Schmidt – is a consultant to families seeking information on treating ASD located in Maple Ridge,BC.   You can contact her at

THE SWINGLE CLINIC – Neurotherapy and biofeedback

Clinical psychoneurophysiology is a natural and holistic approach to the treatment of many conditions. Our clinic treats disorders such as ADD, ADHD, epilepsy, stroke, learning disorders, traumatic    Check them out @


Reach – Child and Youth Development Society –  is a non-profit charitable society that has been providing services to children and their families since 1959. At Reach we believe in the potential of every child, and we know each child is unique. We work together with families to recognize each child’s strengths and develop their abilities. Reach currently provides programs and services to families in  Delta, Surrey and Langley B.C.  Over 1000 children and their families benefit from our services on an annual basis.    This is an AMAZING resource!!!

The Reach Positive Connections program provides service to families in Delta Surrey, White Rock and Langley with children or youth with special needs. It is a free, family-centered program with 4 key components designed to provide families with short term service, focused on parent education and connecting with community resources and support.

Check out the program:

Canucks Autism Network – Provides high quality recreational, sports, social and vocational development programs for individuals and families living with autism and to build capacity through community networks across British Columbia.   For more information go to –

FIT Network
A Social Educational Network created to get Families in Touch. Monthly FiT meets, seasonal family fun events and casual coffee nights provide opportunities for families who have children with special needs to “Get FiT*” – *Families in Touch.  They are located in Langley BC and for more information go to –

ACT  (Autism Community Training Society) – provides excellent information and training, in accordance with international best practices. Our goal is to enable parents, professionals and para-professionals to support children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder to live productive, satisfying lives within their families and communities.   Also has multiple opportunities for continued learning throughout the year which you are able to use your AFU funding towards.

Friend 2 Friend Social Learning Society – a great resource in Vancouver.   Check them out:

Zajac Ranch for Children
Provide camp experiences that empower children of all abilities to participate, foster the development of life-long skills and independence and, create lasting opportunities for friendship and fulfillment.   For more information go to –

Generation Rescue – (

Autism Research Institute – (

TACA Talk About Curing Autism – (

Autism One – (

National Autism Association – (

Autism Speaks  – (

Autism Canada Foundation – (

EDUCATION MATERIAL AND SENSORY TOYS    –  They have some great chews for kids.

Easy Daysies – Magnetic schedule for kids – helps to organize and much more.

Check it out:


AUTISM TEEN FINDS INNER VOICE is based on a true story about a eleven year old girl with autism that learns to used her voice.  Click to watch video.

Temple Graden – Autism gave her a vision…she gave it a voice.

The Horse Boy – Beautiful and moving

Adam – Movie about a young man with Asperger’s and his story of life and love.   Check it out:


Turning Lead into Gold (How Heavy Metal Poisoning Can Affect Your Child and How to Prevent and Treat it) – Nancy Gallaway and Zigurts Strauts

The Way I See It – Dr Temple Grandin

Nourishing Hope –  Julie Mathews (Certified nutrition consultant)

Healing the new Childhood epidemics – Kenneth Bock

Louder than words – Jenny McCarthy

Exiting Nirvana: A Daughter’s Life with Autism – Clara Claibrne Park

Born on a Blue Day: Inside the Extraodinary Mind of an Autistic Savant – Daniel Tammet

Thinking in Pictures: My life with Autism – Temple Grandin

The Reason I Jump – Naoki Higashida

The Horse Boy – Ruper Isaacson

Rules –  Cynthia Lord

Peace Begins with me – Ted Kuntz (Not specific to Autism but amazing)

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