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Breakfast On The Go

Fall is here, school days are back and so are early morning routines.   Sometimes, this can create some anxiety for our kids but also for the parents as lunches need to be packed, forms need to be filled out, drop off and pick up’s needs to be coordinated, and a healthy breakfast created to start the day.  Because we are often rushing in the mornings, breakfast can  be a challenging meal and this is why I have decided to make this blog about BREAKFAST; one of the most important meals of the day.   Breakfast can be fast and healthy especially if it can be created the night before.

Here are some Great Breakfast ideas: 

Slow cooker pumpkin pie oatmeal:

Chocolate / banana Chia Pudding:

Chocolate / coconut chia pudding:

Apple cinnamon muffins:

Carrot/date/ apple spice muffins:

Shannon’s Shake: 

1 Banana, any frozen berries, hand full of spinach ( you can’t taste), cinnamon, avocado, pumpkin protein, cacao powder, hemp seeds, add water to thickness you like, blend!  Yum!

Chocolate hemp smoothie:

Homemade granola bars:

Avocado/eggs on toast:

Banana nut butter wrap:

Whole grain wrap, nut butter, raisins, and one uncut banana.   Roll and eat!

Plain yogurt: add granola, seeds, and berries

Breakfast wrap:

Oat Squares:

chocolate-pudding-650wbreakfast granola

Other Great Ideas to Try:

  • Try sun butter on your toast/apples/celery
  • Pumpkin protein can be added to chia pudding, shakes, pancakes and more
  • Sprinkle seeds (hemp, chia, pumpkin, sunflower) on your breakfast for more protein and brain power
  • Add bee pollen (I use Western Sage) to your shakes for extra immune and energy booster
  • Purchase coconut wraps. Cover with nut butter & roll in a banana. Yum!
  • Make your own hemp milk: cost effective, great protein and good fat for a great brain:
  • Try coconut butter on your toast or in your shake –I like Artisiano brand

egg wrap

Below are some great sites for recipes:

Wellness Mama:

The Healthy Family and Home:

Feel life:

Alive Magazine recipes:

Yum food for living:

Food Matters:

Fresh raspberries an oat flakes in bowl of yogurt on wooden surface

Great (Documentary):

Food Matters:


Did you know? Our bodies are made up of 10 Trillion cells.

Quote of the Month: A HEALTHY outside starts from a healthy inside – Robert Urich




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