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Donations Beware


Well it seems to be that time of year again.  The time of year when you see all the fundraising for “Cancer” and I have to say it puts me a little on edge.   Okay…a lot!  I know many of you have been involved in fundraising for cancer at some point -whether it was donating to a friend, giving to someone at your door, or maybe you even walked for someone or organized a bike team.  Many of the organizations that do fundraising events require a lot of organization.   Much…and sometimes most of the money that is raised goes to administration fees and awareness campaigns.  I will give you a bit of a heads up as this blog may be shocking to some people and may be even unbelievable, but I assure you it is the truth and very factual.

Please take one minute to click on the link below and I promise you that you will be touched, saddened and frustrated all at the same time.  

Pink Ribbon Inc –

Many Mega corporations (eg: Monsanto, SE Johnson, Dow Chemicals) own a chemical company and all chemical companies produce by products.  The three most common by products are: benzene, tolvene and xylene.  All of these by products are toxic and are carcinogenic.  Many mega corporations own a company that created food and personal care products.  The by products (chemicals) are then put into the food and personal care products which are causing us to be sick and get cancer.  It is now estimated that one out of 3 people will get cancer.  Way too high!   All of these  Mega Corporations own pharmaceutical companies as well.  It is a good thing that they do as they can then produce cancer drugs.  They care…you get cancer…they got the drugs.  In the world of the cancer drugs…you have Chemo.  Who buys chemo…we do!

In order for these large corporations to produce all these cancer drugs they have to do a lot of Research and Development to create cancer drugs and chemo.  R & D takes lots of money so hundreds and millions of dollars are pumped into R&D to create the cancer drugs they sell back to us.  Where does the money from R&D come from???  Us!!!  We give our money to the pharmaceuticals in the form of charities, foundations etc.  I don’t know about you…but this really disturbed me.

Breast Cancer awareness, Breast Cancer foundation etc.  Many of us are aware of this as there seems to be always something mentioned about “Awareness”.  That umbrella of breast cancer awareness is owned by one company.  That company is called ICI.  It is one of the world largest chemical companies.  The chemicals they create actually cause many of the breast cancers in the world.  They own these charities and foundations that we are all giving our hard earned money to.   They also own a company called AstraZeneca.  AstraZeneca produces tamoxifin which is the number one drug given to treat breast cancer.  They create the chemicals that cause the cancers.  They create the charities that take our money to develop the drugs to sell back to us!!!  (Nutrition & Environment class Notes – IHN 2013).

So…the MEGA corporations start out by creating the chemicals and crap that causes cancers and diseases, they put it in our food and personal care products, which we then buy.   We get the diseases and cancers, they then take our money in the form of charities and foundations, create the drugs that they then sell back to us at ridiculous mark ups.   This is why we have crap like food coloring and lead in our lives!!   The laws in North America are designed to protect the corporations.

The big problem with this model is…US!  We are the problem!   If we don’t get involved in the game…it won’t work.  We have created a society with blind faith in charities.   No one is holding them accountable and asking what are they doing with our hard earned money.

The research and development goes to make more drugs…not finding the cure.   Dr Warburg found the cure over 80 years ago and was given a Nobel prize.  Yep…that is right…the cure!

At the end of the day…it all comes down to MONEY!

I… like you, have donated to many of these charities believing that I was making a difference.  So who should we donate our money to?  My family has chosen to give our money to the Callanish society (see below) and Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC) where we know 100% of the money goes to cancer survivors!!!   There are many charities and organizations that donate 100% (or most) of the proceeds to the survivors or people in need you just have to do your research.





Great Video: 

Pink Ribbon Inc –


A few Great Organizations (look under my blog tabs for more).


Callanish Society -They are a small, grassroots non-profit organization dedicated to improving the emotional and spiritual health in our communities. They assist persons & their families living with and dying from cancer; offering retreats and ongoing support programs which are offered by a team of health care professionals and volunteers.

Young Adult Cancer Canada – To build a community of young adults diagnosed with cancer that provides information, support, skills and opportunity.  They provide retreats, conferences, adventures and more for young adults between 19 and 39.

Ride for Hope– is a bike ride that was developed to raise awareness and funds for Canuck Place Children’s Hospice.  The first ride was held on July 4th, 2007 encompassing over 200 kilometers, the ride starts in Morgan Creek, South Surrey and finishes in Hope.  Canuck Place Children’s Hospice, is a health care facility that provides specialized care for children living with life-threatening illness and support for their families throughout British Columbia.   This is organized by volunteers and ALL the proceeds generated from the Ride for Hope effort are paid directly to Canuck Place Children’s Hospice.

The army of women group – ( was started by Dr. Susan Love in an effort to research and find out how to PREVENT breast cancer.  They are working with a huge team of researchers determined to find out HOW it starts and what it is that is causing it in order to stop it from happening at all. (Rather than throwing money at researching what drugs can cure something that has already started).







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