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Blog #9 – Believe in your Body

Blog #9 – Believe in your Body

I am very excited to have completed my next class (Psychology of Disease) at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition.  We learned about the chakras (energy centers) of our bodies and how our beliefs and emotions are transformed into your state of health.  The field of energy medicine is very exciting and we are going to see more and more of it around us as people start to take control of their well being.  I loved the books that were recommended for class.  If you are interested in reading more see the end of the blog.

On Monday night we had the pleasure of having Preet Marwaha (owner of Organic Lives) come to our home to meet Nolan.  Preet has worked with many families with Autism, ADD and ADHD to help reverse their symptoms by moving to a whole food diet.  That is right…no pharmaceuticals and no supplements…just whole food.   No packages, no processed foods, no pasteurized dairy – just real wholesome food.   This seems almost too good to be true but if you think back to when we were growing up 40 years ago, most of the food was that way already.  We sure did not see the autism, ADD and cancer rates that there are today.  Take a look at the toxins in our foods and it speaks volumes.

So how does the body work?  What I have learned is that the human body is complicated and we will never have enough technology to fully understand it.  The body has 80 Trillions cells (give or take 10 trillion).  We as humans really don’t know how to process one trillion…let alone one billion.  If I was to ask you when one million seconds was…what would you say?  It was 12 days ago.  If I was to ask you when a billion seconds ago was…what would you say?   It was 31.68 years ago.  What about when a trillion seconds ago was?  It was 31 THOUSAND year ago!  Now envision our bodies that have 80 trillion cells.  Every second, one cell goes through 1000 processes.  Each process involves a million neuro peptides.  One billion processes going on in each cell every second.   Let’s do the math:  80 trillion  x  1000  x  1 million.  On top of that…each cell is in constant communication with each other.  Now are you starting to see the amazing capacity of our bodies?  The smartest computer does 80 billion processes in a second.  Not even close!   (Class notes – IHN).

The body also has an amazing capacity to regenerate 6-10 million cells every second…the power of the human body!  We are taught by the pharmaceutical companies and doctors not to believe in our bodies.  We need to take back our power but also know it is our job (no one else’s) to maintain the environment that the body needs to be well.  Doctors are in school for many years and some have done as much as 16 plus years of schooling with only eight hours of nutrition.  Yep…eight!  If food is medicine, how are we giving the body what it needs to be well when we are living in a society of convenience and fast food?

Fact: the medical system that we have now in North America kills 400,000 people each year.  Those are crazy numbers!  We need to learn how to use our own bodies to heal themselves by eating right, exercising, practicing some form of meditation, yoga or breathing exercises to control stress in our lives.  We need to trust our own bodies, listen to our bodies and know that they are capable of healing themselves.   All too often, we end up merely numbing the pain, ignoring the symptoms, and, as a result, silencing the very voice that is trying to help us find a way out of the situation that underlies our present distress.

We are our own pharmacy and powerhouse.  If we stayed out of nature’s way she would do what she needs to do.  What it is designed to do (Preet Marwaha – Organic Lives).


Readings from my classes:

The End of Food – Thomas F. Pawlick

Awakening Intuition – Mona Lisa Schultz

Why People Don’t Heal – Caroline Myss


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